Backflow Certification

Under Cross-Connection B64-10 Standards, every water supplier has the primary responsibility for preventing water from unapproved sources, or any other substances, from entering the public potable water system.

Backflow Preventers and Plumbing understands that all water suppliers must plan and diligently execute a program of cross-connection control. The program should eliminate all cross-connections or it may require the installation and maintenance of a proper type of approved backflow prevention assembly at the water service connection.

All water suppliers are required to have a Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester re-certify all backflow prevention assemblies every year.

Backflow Preventers and Plumbing is equipped with and capable of using all the necessary tools, gages and other equipment necessary to properly test, repair and maintain backflow prevention assemblies. We are specialists in this field and one of the leaders in Ontario. There are very few, if any, other companies that can provide this type of service in the area.

Backflow Preventer and Plumbing is qualified to:

· Install appropriate backflow prevention assemblies so that water districts will comply with government regulations

Maintain backflow prevention assemblies while insuring that original manufactured replacement parts are used in any repair

· Write reports to the responsible authorities on forms approved by the administrative authority

· Perform accurate field tests for repairing or overhauling backflow prevention assemblies

· Be responsible for the accuracy of all tests and reports

· Certify all backflow prevention assemblies

We would like to belong to your supplier list for certifing all Backflow Preventers in your industry. We would be pleased to assist you with the installation, maintenance or certification of these devices. Please call our Office to schedule an appointment at 613-363-3968 or email at We are also available to answer any of your questions on this topic.