About Us

We are one of the leading companies in Backflow Certification in Ontario, Canada. Along with 15 years experience in the plumbing field, Claude Bourck has been in the forefront of the Backflow industry and an expert in diagnostic for Backflow Preventers (Ex: Cal-val, Febco, Watts, Canbraco, Wilkins and etc...) . He has an inter-provincial certification on installing, servicing, testing and certifying all types of Backflow Preventers. His existing clients are industrial plants (Kraft, Domtar, Nestle, Ridgewood, Olymel,etc...), Institutions (nursing homes, hospitals, etc) and envirnomental water plants (city and county water plants). Claude has the experience and the knowledge of disassembling, installing, servicing, testing and certifying backflow preventers.

As a Licensed Plumber, Claude Bourck specializes in industrial, commerical and residential plumbing. We work thoughout Ontario, Montreal Area and Western Quebec. We are open to special request for the Western and Atlantic provinces.

For more informaton on his services please call at 613-363-3968 or email backflowpreventers@cogeco.ca